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Tue May 20 2008

Truly awful ish is going down in China and Burma. Those poor folks need your money and prayers, stat.

New single!
Sat April 12 2008

OK, folks, where's th' new jammy. This is a joint that was originally bound for "Time Served," got pressed into service for Hepova's new platter, and then we de(i)cided to put female lead vocals from th' incomparable JC Cassis on here to complement Sophia Chang's excellent backing pipes. So here's th' version with my lead vocal and mucho guitar, which doesn't feature very heavily in th' Hepnova mix.

Of special note on this jam are abolutely chilling backing vocals by Jailbeats Aaron G. and Jonny R., both of whom were pivotal in th' Hep sessions of 2007.

More electrobilly news
Wed April 2 2008

Things just keep on happening. Changes in reality create changes in th' music. I might push "Time Served" back again, and instead release a collection of songs in Richie Havens, me-n-guitbox mode. We'll see.

At any rate is th' new new jammy. This is where th' slumber-free go to holler in th' darkness.

2008 : An Electrobilly Number
Tue January 1 2008

Happy new year, maximum chilluns. This year is going to be a tough and a major one. As I noted in my previous message, "Time Served" got delayed a while. I didn't note th' reason, however. In addition to th' usual delays, I'm collaborating with upcoming urban blues artist Avant Johnson on his 2008 solo debut.

Avant Johnson (not to be confused with R+B phenom "Avant") is creating an album of songs that evoke th' reality of his Cake City life. Unlike some artists whose white blues ends up sounding jokey, minstrely, or self-conscious, Avant Johnson is using th' traditional blues format to talk about his circumstances in a way that's brash, fresh, and free of pose. Folks who live in th' world will relate to it; I'm privileged to have been invited to produce th' sessions. Blueshammer, it ain't.

I've also decided to post some items on a subject that I've shied away from for a decade in an attempt to avoid coming off like a muso : music gear, and electric guitars specifically. I am in fact a muso, people know this, and there's no reason not to prattle about it. Fellow music nerds, stay tuned.

Time Slurrved
Thu December 27 2007

"Time Served" update :: scary new tunes are cooking. New release target : earlyish 2008.

Th' Reaction will be Televised
Sat April 28 2007

Or, at least, put up on YouTube.

Th' projects mentioned below will probably be collected and edited into some kind of single-disc compilation, except "Time Served," which is getting rewritten and rerecorded with better equipment and better songs, and is rededicated to my grandfather Phil, who left this world in 2006. Some listeners will miss th' traditional "Wall O' Noise" sound that characterized th' 2002-2003 material, but ish is never static in th' world of Electrobilly. Th' marginally cleaner sound on th' new joints will let you hear th' throttling rumble and papery buzz in high fidelity.

Another break with tradition that looms on th' red-clouded horizon is th' possibility of a live public performance. If th' technical and temporal hurdles can be surmounted, it might happen somewhere in th' north 480 area code.

Insane madness on crack
Sat November 8 2003

So, I got some unfinished projects going here that I gotta complete by th' end of th' year. Th' most important is "Time Served," which is a rooty album dedicated to Johnny Cash and Jam Master Jay. Th' first single is a very disjointed cover of folk standard "Wayfaring Stranger," which Cash did brilliantly on "American III : Solitary Man." This record is gonna be dire, for shizzle.

Next up is "Iced Weasels," a collaboration record with genius local MCs Black Ermine, Count Snapula, and our own Dr. Slughead. Despite being derailed several times by wack scheduling, this isht is gonna get done soon-like. Th' beats on this beast are pretty mega.

After those, expect "Ain't a Damn Thing Changed," th' followup to "Maximum R+D," in early first semester 2004. Yeah, I know I ripped th' title offa WC. Bite me.

Then, in time for spring sports, comes "Advantage : T$ar Nicholas," which is brimful of powerful jock jams and whatnot. Fast tempos, big pounding drums, chunky sounds, bad sprains, get me?

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