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New track coming next week
Thu May 8 2008

Stay tuned for th' new single to drop next Shatterday! A spine-tingling, monster joint.

Time hits th' Time
Sat April 12 2008

Attention patient chilluns : th' tracks have started trickling in for "Time Served." Check out th' downloads section for "Make This Change," featuring Aaron G and Jonny R. (AKA Th' Last Temptations of Goth") and Sophia Chang, along with Lee-Sean on Sid Station.

This is th' first salvo in a battle that will change forever th' way th' square world looks at electrobilly.

Harsh Revival
Sat April 28 2007

Let's get in th' Spirit. Let's get ready to go back down by th' riverside.

Could it really be almost four years since "Totally Harshed Out" dropped? Reckon so. Maybe that my job wasn't quite done when I went on vacation -- th' seed was sown on rocky ground, and among thorns. Th' message of harshness didn't take root; it got choked out by snoozecore, snoreabilly, and wacktivism. Like Rakim said, it's been a long time; I shouldn't have left you.

Well, now, it's time to get right. Electrobilly is coming again -- pounding back like a thousand sideburned elephants, coming on clouds of fire in multiple burning, turning furious wheels. It's time to shed our pitiful soft shells and be clad in th' whole armor of rock.

We've left th' Web site here mostly unchanged, because our mission is wholly unchanged.

We bring hardcore, uncompromised electrobilly that rejects nostalgia. We represent th' reality of harshness. It's not just about music. It's th' way we live our lives. But I do not boast -- except that if I boast, I boast that I am a fool. I'm a fool to th' world for turning my back on th' idolization of th' past and embracing th' certain, unseen, jagged future. Those who seek th' retro will find it everywhere. But for those who want to know how late it really is, we've got th' only clock that still runs right here.

Th' new singles "Time Served" and "Th' Doomed Cool" point out th' direction for those who've lost their compass, and all th' older jams are still available, free for listening as always. If you dig it, buy mechandise to support electrobilly, because th' laborer deserves his wages. Check out Hepnova to see th' other side of th' denarius.

--Tsar Nicholas
creator of electrobilly music

A word of thanks :
Th' Worldwide Harsh Crew deserves most of th' credit for bringing me back to th' microphone. They're truly unfadeable and never wavered for a moment in their stony committment to electrobilly in general and th' Totally Harsh specifically. They have my true gratitude.

I'd also like to thank everybody at Ten Thousand Percent, Hepnova and Skull Hill Records.

Wed November 5 2003

Avast, chunkateers and maximum chilluns!

Thou hast totally entered los website.

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Harsh Crew : unfadeable for th' 2G3

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